Thursday, February 17, 2011

Se Electronics Se X1 Bundle

Ok i got this Tuesday honestly i wanted it mainly for the portable booth (it was one of the cheapest with the best ratings i could find) so i said why not give it a shot so i paid the 190 euro including delivery from (for the mic and booth).

I currently use the M-audio Solaris mic (450euro) for vocals and to be honest im never happy with the way they turn out, they always feel like there lacking, even when i tried it with the booth i just wasnt happy so i said why not give this little SE mic a shot.

First thing i noticed was the weight its a heavy mic and the quality just felt really good so i hooked it up i didnt replace any cables just replaced one mic for the next and im really impressed with this mic, the vocal is clear alot clearer than the solaris and usually with the solaris i have a lot of noise removal to do with this it picked up a slight bit of noise that honestly i didnt really have to remove but i did any way, also if someone is standing in font of the mic and im at the desk talking to them the solaris never picked up what i was saying the SE mic did.

Im really impressed by this mic and unexpectedly so, now im not gonna give the old solaris the boot as it could be useful for instruments and stuff and its always nice to have different mics for options but for the price and quality as an entry level product i think this Se mic is a great product and would definatly recommend it to anyone looking for a first or even new mic.

(Edit: The booth does work well also honestly its really worth the money for the two however its heavy and a good mic stand will be needed for this i honestly cant see it staying standing without a tripod mic stand )

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