Sunday, April 20, 2008

9th Wonder & Buckshot - Hold It Down feat. Talib Kweli & Tyler Woods

Featured on 9th Wonder & Buckshot’s “FORMULA” album in stores April 29th

T.Q. - Sexy

Video For T.Q. "Sexy" Off Of "Paradise" Dropping April 29th. Directed By Kevin Parkinson.t

Monday, April 14, 2008

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Life of a Producer: A Documentary

Shows the lives of producer 9th Wonder, Young Guru, and many more!

DJ Enuff Busta Rhymes Interview Pt.1

Check out what Busta has to say..raw and uncut!

Busta opens up about the 2006 murder of his bodyguard and explains exactly why he hasn't cooperated with police.

"I Didn't Kill Israel Ramirez"

Check out Pt. 2

Eminem N Dr. Dre Freestyle & Interview [Rare Old 2000 Footage!]

Eminem Freestyle and Interview with Dre. Courtesy of Funky Junkie

Hip Hop News

Young Buck Joins New Click, Drops ''Ten-A-Key Boys'' Mixtape.

He may not be a member of G-Unit anymore, but Young Buck isn't letting that slow him down as he recently joined forces with Yo Gotti for new crew.

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Mark Ronson's Allido Records Joins Interscope Roster.

Grammy Award winning producer Mark Ronson announced today he has partnered with Interscope Records in a joint venture deal to distribute his indie imprint Allido Records.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Ying Yang Twins Drop

JD In Studio w/ Jay-Z & Usher & Anthony Hamilton (Claiming They Got Some Sh*t That Gon F*Ck Yall Up)

JD with Jay-Z & Anthony Hamilton working on Usher's new album

Diddy Spazzes Out Pt. 2 "I Dont Want To See No White Boys" On "If I Were King" (Sean Jean Special)

Young Buck - Its Not Ok


Young Buck - Its Not Ok

Hip Hop News

Timbaland Named Songwriter Of The Year At ASCAP Awards

Super-producer Timbaland took home the Songwriter of the Year Award last night (April 9) at the 25th Annual ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers) Pop Music Awards in Los Angeles, CA.

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Snoop Dogg Settles Lawsuit, Seduces Fans Online

Snoop Dogg recently settled a lawsuit with his former record company, Priority Records.

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DMX College Concert Ends In Chaos

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

New Kit for April 08

Name : apr-kit.rar

Size : 5.81MB

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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Diddy on CNBC's The Big Idea

Usher - Love In This Club (Feat. Young Jeezy)

Video For Usher "Love In This Club Featuring Young Jeezy" Off Of "Here I Stand" Coming Soon.

50 Cent & Miss Jones interview

50 Cent checks in with Miss Jones and DJ Envy to talk about his baby mother situation, Young Buck, the Elephant in the Room and Floyd Mayweather. courtesy of Splash

"You can take this as official notice right here," 50 Cent told Miss Jones. "Pretty much you can say Young Buck is no longer in the group G-unit but signed to G-unit as a solo artist."

Click here to listen

Monday, April 7, 2008

Ryan Leslie - Diamond Girl

Young Buck - Lose My Mind

"Lose My Mind" off the the upcoming YOUNG BUCK feature documentary DVD, "A BILLION BUCKS."

Written, shot, edited and directed by Jason Goldwatch

Saturday, April 5, 2008

The Roots - In The Music (Road Video)

50 Cent's Wins Eviction Case Against Ex-Girlfriend

written by Thomas A. Harden
Friday - April 4, 2008

Hip-Hop mogul 50 Cent emerged victorious yesterday (April 3) in the eviction trial of his ex-girlfriend and their son from his Long Island house.

"Today's a good day, I'm a winner," the G-Unit General rejoiced after hearing the verdict. "I always win. The house is mine. She just wants to drag the situation out as long as possible. I think she just wants to see me dragging me back and fourth to court. My time is worth a lot so I'm wasting my time right now."

As SOHH previously reported, the rapper (born Curtis Jackson) asked a judge to remove his child's mother Shaniqua Tompkins and the ex-couple's 10-year-old son, Marquise Jaskson, from a Long Island estate he owned.

According to FOX News, Fif paid about $2.4 million for the house, one of the largest in the Long Island town of Dix Hills. Tompkins filed a law suite accusing the rapper of breach of contract and unjust enrichment. Tompkins attorney Paul Catsandonis stated that 50 broke a promise to give Tompkins and their son a home.

"I've been with 50 for a very long time," Tompkins said to the press outside the courtroom, before the verdict was read. "He's a very evil and abusive man and that's why I left him in the first place. Any man that can evict his own child out of a house is evil. After I took care of him and I worked when he wasn't doing anything. He's a very evil and disgruntled man. I just hope God bless him."

Tompkins and Marquis, along with her daughter-from another relationship- were allowed to remain in the rapper's house under the condition that Tompkins use the monthly child support payments of $6,700 to find new residency.

Tompkins contents that the house was bought for her and Marquise. She claimed that Fif changed his mind about putting her name on the lease right before closing. Both parties agreed that the home was bought so Marquise would have access to a quality education.

After a two-and-a-half hour court session yesterday, Tompkins motion was denied and was ordered to pay $9,000 in fees to 50. She has until the end of the school year to move out of the estate.

"[This is] absolutely not [over]," 50 explained to the press. "She's going to try to do everything she could do. She doesn't have a job. This is her job, chasing me around [and] seeing if she can get a few dollars."

Despite the fact the ruling went in Curtis' favor, Catsandonis plans to appeal.

"Nothing is final yet," he told reporters. "This is just one slight interference in the process. We're going all the way and we have a lot of contradictory testimony form Mr. Jackson. It will be raised again. I assure Manhattan Supreme Court or any other courthouse we have to [go]. I'm a trial attorney, I don't give up!"

A displeased Tompkins left the courthouse with this to say, ""God bless Mr. Jackson," she said. "I hope he gets some help and that's just that. It's not final. We're still working on it."

Friday, April 4, 2008

John Brown - Aint No Future In Yo Frontin (Addressing Game)

Madonna (Feat. Justin Timberlake & Timbaland) - 4 Minutes

50 Cent Wants His Son & Baby's Mother Out Of His House

written by Brandi Hopper
Thursday - April 3, 2008

Rap mogul 50 Cent is expected to ask a judge today (April 3) to give his ex-girlfriend and their kid the boot from his Long Island house.

Fif wants his child's mother Shaniqua Tompkins and the couple's 10-year-old son, Marquise Jackson, forced out of the home he owns in Long Island, New York, according to Radar.

The rapper (born Curtis Jackson) and his ex went at it in court for a year after Fif filed to create an official child support arrangement because Tomkins financial demands were getting out of hand. In April 2007, a judge awarded Tompkins $25,000 a month ($10,000 in child support, 15,000 for expenses), approximately half of the $50,000 a month she'd requested, while the court reviewed expenses for her and 50's son. The suit ended with 50 laughing all the way to the bank when a judge significantly cut Tompkins checks to $6,700 in February 2008.

Tompkins and Marquis, along with another daughter of Tompkins belonging to a different man, were allowed to remain in 50's house under the condition that Tompkins use some of the money to find new residency.

She hasn't and Fif reportedly doesn't believe she even tried.

Tompkins' lawyer, Paul Catsandonis, said he plans to argue today that an eviction is impossible because his client isn't technically a tenant. She's never had a lease agreement or paid any rent there. In addition, both her children attend school in the upscale district in which the home is located.

On top of that, Tompkins contends the house was bought for her anyway, Fif just changed his mind about putting it in her name right before closing. Earlier claims from both sides said the place was bought so Marquise would have access to quality schooling. No word where Tompkins and her children would go if she were evicted.

On Wednesday, a judge denied a motion for an emergency stay of today's hearing, which may have been requested to allow Tompkins lawyers to prepare a counter suit pertaining to the ownership issues. According to Radar, the denial of this request may mean that the judge didn't feel the eviction and ownership issues were related.

A publicist for 50 had no comment.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Hip Hop News

Usher Album Ready To Drop In May

The wait is almost over for Usher's eagerly anticipated fifth album Here I Stand; after initially planning a June release the project will now drop this May.

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Day 26 Knocks Danity Kane Out The Top Spot, Rick Ross Keeps The Trilla Going

In this week's Hip-Hop and R&B charts, Day 26 tops Danity Kane on the charts, but DK wins the "battle of the bands," and Rick Ross keeps it Trilla in Top 10.

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Mariah Tops Elvis, Makes Billboard History

Songstress Mariah Carey has made Billboard chart history by smashing Elvis Presley's record for No. 1 hit songs.

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Trey Songz Speaks Out On The Night Where He Spazzed Out In A Club!

Jay-Z Strikes $150 Million Deal With Live Natio

Jay-Z is reportedly close to finalizing a $150 million deal with concert promoter Live Nation to launch a venture called Roc Nation. This coming after Jay-Z stepped down from longtime label Def Jam as president when his contract expired at the end of 2007.

As part of the approximately $150 million partnership, to be called Roc Nation, Live Nation would finance future start-up ventures by Jay-Z, which could include his own label, music publishing, and artist consulting and managing. The deal should be finalized later this week according to the New York Times. Live Nation is expected to contribute $5 million a year in overhead for five years, with another $25 million available to finance Jay-Z’s acquisitions or investments, according to people in the music industry briefed on the agreement.

The deal also reportedly calls for Live Nation to make advance payments to Jay-Z of $10 million for a minimum of three albums spanning the 10-year term, a general advance of $25 million that includes fees for his current tour with Mary J. Blige, and an upfront payment of $25 million. A series of other payments adding up to about $20 million is included in exchange for certain publishing, licensing and other rights.

“It’s really about trying to invest in the future, trying to invest in maybe coming up with a new model, because going in hard making records with artists and throwing those records into a system that’s flawed is not exciting for me.” said Jay-Z.

This puts an end to speculations of an all-digital record label with Apple, among other rumors. Live Nation, known primarily for major rock & country tours have recently inked deals with both U2 and Madonna.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

KORE PLAYER free software instrument includes 300mb of free sounds

Free, advanced instrument with access to the best NI sounds

KORE PLAYER is a free software instrument designed for use with KORE SOUNDPACKS. Built on the same principles as the flagship KORE 2 Super Instrument, KORE PLAYER includes six Native Instruments sound engines under the hood and provides ready-to-play sounds that can be browsed and tweaked via the ultra-intuitive KORE PLAYER interface. Adding new sounds is as easy as purchasing and downloading affordable KORE SOUNDPACKS.

Whether used stand-alone or within your favorite sequencing environment, KORE PLAYER brings world-class Native Instruments sound within the reach of any musician or producer.


* Free and intuitive sound module, instantly expandable with KORE SOUNDPACKS
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* Includes six NI sound engines*: KONTAKT, REAKTOR, MASSIVE, GUITAR RIG, FM8, ABSYNTH
* Selection of premium sounds included (300 MB)
* KoreSound® Browser finds any sound by the desired musical characteristics
* Consolidated user interface with unified operation for all sound engines
* 8 knobs and 8 buttons make complex tweaking actions a breeze
* Up to 8 sound variations per sound with unique sound morphing
* Automation and Total Recall in the audio host/sequencer
* Knobs and buttons can be controlled via any MIDI controller box

*With KORE PLAYER the included sounds plus sounds from the KORE SOUNDPACKS can be used and tweaked via the KORE PLAYER interface. No access to the individual user interfaces of the included audio engines.

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Ben Folds - Novel & Ben folds (I AM)

Kanye West - Homecoming (Feat. Chris Martin)

Video For Kanye West "Homecoming Featuring Chris Martin" Off Of "Graduation" In Stores Now.

Hip Hop News

Wyclef Pleads W/ Haitians To Stop The Violence

Wyclef Jean is asking Haitians to clean up the crime in his home country.

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Remy Ma Urges Fans To Pen Letters To Judge

Just days after being found guilty on four counts of assault, Bronx-bred rapper Remy Ma has turned to fans in hopes that their support will help shorten the 25 year sentence she faces next month.

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