Saturday, December 11, 2010

Review: MPD32

So my (AKAI) MPD32 arrived today, as you can see in the picture above you get the controller plus a usb cable, a installation cd and a manual,after unwrapping i decided to plug it in and try and set it up, i had done some research online just to see how it integrated with Fl Studio (didnt find anything promising)
After plugging it in the drivers automatically installed themselves, which saved me the bother of having to insert the CD and go through the installation process manually, so i fired up fl studio, hit a few pads . . . nothing. 

I then went through the presets to see if there was any for fl studio, and while there is a wide range of software supported fl studio is not, so i decided to leave it on the "Generic 18" preset. . click to set it . . .hit a pad.  .  nice finally some response , i loaded up the FPC and decided to try a pattern, and it just worked, the transport controls also work, play record stop all do exactly what there supposed to .

The main issue i have with it is that the pads on the controller and the pads on the fpc aren't assigned correctly, however after a look at a few topics on the image-line website i found this PRESET made by one of the members there (Equalibrum)
its for live use and works really well. check out his vid below its impressive

All in all its a solid controller , well made, nice pads, faders and knobs, i dont think it would break easy, if your looking for a solid piece of hardware to complement your software then i honestly think this is definatly a nice addition.

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