Thursday, September 8, 2011

FL Studio Mobile version 1.2 is now available

New 1.2 features & changes include:

  • Line 6 MIDI Mobilizer (and MIDI Mobilizer II) support
  • CoreMIDI improvements
  • ".instr" files can be opened from other apps (e.g. Safari, Mail)
  • Deleting an instrument from the My Instruments folder removes it from the instrument list
  • Demos added
  • The version number is displayed in the setup
  • Keyboard scrolling frame rate improved
  • Fix: crash if more than 255 instruments were present
  • Fix: filter track events remained unchanged if a bar was inserted or deleted
  • Performance enhancements
Existing customers can update from their device or iTunes for free.

There are two FL Studio Mobile applications:

Just go to the App Store and if you have an iPhone/iPod Touch FL Studio Mobile OR if you have an iPad FL Studio Mobile HD .

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