Monday, December 6, 2010

Review: Sounds in HD The Collection

Over 1000 drums samples !!
Ok, i usually dont do reviews or even buy other peoples drums for that matter but after downloading the demo sounds from the Sounds In HD collection i was pretty impressed by what i heard, just from the demo sounds alone i was creating loops and patterns that just sounded great.

So what do you get for your money?

Inside the folder are four other folders filled with drum sound goodness :
  • Keyflo's Collection
  • SHD Acoustic Blends
  • SHD Vol1
  • Sounds_In_HD_2_HDMI
Here is a quote from their website
The eq, processing, and whatever other deep dark magic they put on these drums results in the most usable collection I’ve come across to date, and the most versatile.
Honestly i couldn't agree more with the above quote, the drums knock hard, the snares are real snappy and the claps have some amazing crunchy goodness that almost made me cry for joy, these are not your standard sounds, these are of a different standard, a better standard. 

Just browsing through and quickly previewing made me want to go straight to the studio get them in my DAW and just knock out some patterns, there fun and serious at the same time, unique and inspiring, ive got thousands of drum sounds, and i do mean thousands, yet, since i purchased these samples i haven't used any others, from the perc sounds to the toms and hats i couldnt complain about a single sample in this collection. 

To sum it all up these are probably the best drum/perc sounds/samples ive come across from any company online, ive tried alot and have always been left with that disappointing feeling that the hype just isnt true, however when it comes to Sounds in HD The Collection you should believe the hype

Check out the demo here : Download Demo

Over 1000 for $79.99

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