Thursday, September 16, 2010

JontBeats Monster Kit ........Coming Very Soon !

Ok, so i have decided to release a monster kit for you all however it wont be free, i will put out some sample kits to give you all an idea of the quality (which i promise is top notch) at the moment it contains 9 separate sample packs, the size is currently over 500mb which is half a gigabyte, just one of the kits inside has well over 60 kicks on its own, if your a member of and you are reading this then you know the samples i release are always quality and usually always free.

Whats your reason for this? : I put alot of time and effort into recording layering etc.. some days i spend hours doing all this so i can give these sounds to other like minded people.

The plus side to this idea is the following: Updates, the kit will be updated every month, no exceptions unless something happens that i cannot foresee, you will recieve your update (providing you pay) for free , the purchase is a once off fee im not going to try and make any one pay extra for a version two or three or different style kit you buy once, then you get the updates forever.

what will be in the update ? . . . more sounds, samples, presets for vsti's, different styles of samples, they wont be just for hip hop or trance, there will always be something in there for every type/genre of music. 

Please check back later for more information.

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