Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Creating Your Own Snare Rolls

First thing you need to do is load up the snare you want to use. once you have selected your snare you will want to send it to the piano roll, (to do
this simply right click the channell and select send to piano roll).
once it's sent to the piano roll just paste a note anywhere like in the image below.


next thing you want to do is resize that note like i have.


Now that thats done you'll want to select the Paint tool like i have selected in the image below it looks like a paint brush.


now your gonna need to change the snap to 1\2 step like in the image below.


Now all you need to do is click and drag to create a string of snare hits. if you look at my example's below you'll get an idea of what i mean.

Example 1:

Example 2:

Play around with this and you will soon be coming up with some serious snare rolls.
I hope this tutorial helps somebody. any questions just ask. and i'll try respond asap.



Anonymous said...

Yo, to begin with, don't use BS to get people to listen to your tracks! That snare roll stuff was just a ploy to get people to this area to hopefully listen to your mediocre beats!!! All you gotta do is be real and say can you check out my beats and give me some feed-back and people will do it!!! But since you deceived them they're gonna be angry and more than likely say bad stuff about your beats!!! On some real ish,you need more work!!! Your tracks are 1 demensional, no transitions or drops, no drum swithch ups, minimum instruments!! stop being THIRSTY to get recognized and work on your craft!!!

Jont said...

Ok first off if thats what i was doing then i wouldnt have allowed this comment .

i didn't post to any of my music i posted it specificaly to this page because the tut is on this page if you mean the player on the top right then that player is on every page i dont think its set to auto play if it is then i apologize i didn't mean for it to to be, at the end of the day this is my blog i can post what ever i want.

How bout you grow yourself a pair and dont post as Anonymous, if you didn't like the tut then say so, as for people saying something bad about my beats then thats cool im not too worried about that to be honest we all know what they say about opinions.